About Bookish Pixie
Ezioma Kalu

About Bookish Pixie

Bookish Pixie is the best book blog for intensive book reviews, literary musings, and interviews with ace book bloggers and writers. It is also the paradise of quality bookish reflections, writing, and everything literature.

About me

My name is Ezioma Kalu, and I’m a Nigerian writer and book blogger. As a voracious reader who is passionate about books, I deem it necessary to have a platform where I talk about my favorite thing in the world, books. I am currently accepting author review copies, which I read and give my honest opinion about. If you have written a book, and need someone’s honest review, then I am only an email or direct message away from working with you. Send me a mail at eziomablog@gmail.com. I can’t wait to read your amazing piece of work.

My creative Portfolio

I am available for all forms of writing gigs like; academic writing, blog
post writing, articles, essays, short stories, YouTube scripts, and other
creative writings. I accept author review copies in exchange for honest reviews
on my blog and other social media platforms. Of course, I do not charge a fee
for the reviews, but if you would like to get extra publicity on my blog and
social media pages, then you would have to pay a token for it.

Genres I’m interested in:

  1. Literary fiction
  2. Crime thrillers
  3. Psychological thrillers
  4. Young Adult Fiction
  5. Romance
  6. Historical fiction
  7. Thrillers
  8. Coming of age
  9. Contemporary Fiction
  10. Autobiographies.