If the world is in utter ruins and you wield the powers to salvage it, what will you do? How does a human save the planet?



On a crusade of mysteries and adventures unknown, the people of Earth are being tested at their highest. It started with the Earth dying, but as time passed by, even the noble actions had become the cause of the worst outcomes. You reap what you sow. Marcus Robinson, a scientist, and 4 other people were directed to lead the biggest space mission known to mankind, but it was never as simple as it seemed, cause the journey didn’t even start and the worst nightmares came true. As they started their journey in space, the mysteries started surrounding them. Unexplainable happenings, they couldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams. Slowly and slowly going into the troubled path created by ‘them’.
As everyone on earth starts the journey in search of finding a new home, them getting lost in space is something they could have never imagined of.


This is the first sci-fi I’d read this year and it was a good read. It is 3032 and something is wrong with the planet earth. There’s no water, no oxygen, the world is filled with terror and everyone thinks it’s really coming to an end. But something must be done to salvage the earth, and so a group of 100 experts from all around the world must come together to save the earth.

Organisations like NASA, ISRO, SpaceX, EESA and JAXA select their best heads and form a group of five members to tackle the planet’s problem. Something must be done, else everyone perishes. And if the earth can no longer be saved, they have to migrate to some other galaxy. They have already concluded this galaxy is unsafe for humans, because they cannot find life in Mars. But the big question is, how do they pull this off? Can five people save the world?


You know how there is an infinite number of universes with an immeasurable number of possibilities of yourselves. In all of your infinite selves, you are dead, except this one. Even in the possibility that everyone is immortal, you are dead there also. And in all of those universes you weren’t able to live past one year of age, Mark. This is the only reality where you are alive. This is what makes you special.

Arjun Malhotra, 3032: Onto the Entangled Paths.

Marcus Robinson from NASA is chosen to spearhead this committee, and it turns out to be the most challenging task he has ever handled. How does one save the planet? They launch spacecrafts that would transport people to this new galaxy. But they only take young, vibrant ones and leave the old to perish with the earth. Because it’s better to save those who would continue the human race, than the ones who would soon lose their lives anyway.

But something happens along the line. An unexpected romance starts between Marcus Robinson and Jay Evans in the spacecraft, while they’re in the middle of saving the planet. But though Jay is sweet and kind, she has her dirty secrets that we would discover much later in this book.

Came the year 3032, and the end of my happy life started. Every top government or private organisations such as NASA, ISRO, EESA, Harvard, etc. was asked to send their best and that is when I betrayed the people, I loved the most.

Arjun Malhotra, 3032: Onto the Entangled Paths.

This is an easy read, written in a plain and simple language, one you can finish in a day. I haven’t read a sci-fi work for the longest time, and I was happy when I received an ARC for this book. But I think it lacks depth, and the author did a lot of telling and fewer showings. In page 29, a line reads “… I was filled with emotions…” How is one filled with emotions? It doesn’t explain a thing about what the speaker truly feels at the time.

I found it hard to really connect with the characters’ emotions because the author didn’t do so much to draw the readers in. I also think the character development is flawed. Some characters aren’t given solid roles, and I don’t understand some. It’s a brilliant work no doubt, but it would have been more spectacular if the characters’ emotions were perfectly translated, so the readers would feel every emotion with them.

It’s a debut novel, and the author really tried to write a striking one. I enjoyed some parts of it though, like when Jay wakes up from what seems to be a slumber and everything has gone back to normalcy. Then she is confused as to what reality is. In all, you should totally check it out if you’re a sci-fi lover. I’d rate it as 3.5/5.

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  1. I have a few questions. How come they need to find a new galaxy because of Mars? Surely they just need to find a more suitable solar system if they can’t make a planet in our current one habitable. How is anyone alive to save the human race if there’s already no water and no oxygen?


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