Book Review: Ayanfe by Feyi Aina.


Book Review: Ayanfe by Feyi Aina.

Princess Ayanfe’s only duty is to marry the Prince of Irefa, buy the land of Agbo Ode the sea routes and make her father happy. Love has no place where duty is concerned, and princesses are for nothing more than marital alliances.

When information reaches her that an accused man might just be innocent, she goes against the laid-down laws of their land to investigate the truth. She hopes that she can save his life but her desire to do this will mean defying the king and upsetting the tribunal council of wise men.

It however will allow her to spend time with Captain Dehinde, a man for whom she has developed affection. Perhaps he can be persuaded to love her back, enough to damn all the consequences and save her from an impending marriage.

Perhaps they will find the real culprit. This story follows two courageous people in love, and their search for truth in a land where the word of the Tribunal Council is the law and a questionable truth potion decides who lives or dies.

My Review of Ayanfe by Feyi Aina.

One thing I love about this book is its originality. It’s voluminous yeah, but I almost finished it in a day. It was as if I was watching a Nollywood movie, and I love books that make me feel like I’m watching a movie.

Ayanfe is a princess, the apple of her father’s eyes, the beloved. But she is also humane, bold and fearless.

Book Review: Ayanfe by Feyi Aina.

When a lady whose father has been accused of murder runs to her pleading for her help, she does not outright chase her away, as she should. Because no villager has the right to barge into the princess’s chamber unannounced.

Yet, she listens to the girl and commands the guards to steer clear. This is a very first show of her humanness.

The girl believes her father has been wrongly accused, and can go any length to prove his innocence.

But the murder weapon, a bloodied knife is found in his father’s chamber and all fingers point at him, so why does this girl believe so much in her father’s innocence?

Book Review: Ayanfe by Feyi Aina.

This shouldn’t be Ayanfe’s business, because she’s merely the king’s daughter and not a member of the judiciary, but because she is a lover of justice, she would take it upon herself to reveal the truth of the murder, and find the rightful culprit.

But then again, she cannot do this alone, she would need the help of a palace warrior, and that is where sweet Dehinde comes into play.

My favorite character in this book is Dehinde, fearless, sweet and blunt Dehinde. I love the way he speaks, his choice of words, the aura he exudes.

He is only a palace warrior, but would be struck by Ayanfe’s beauty the moment he set his eyes on her and has been mesmerized ever since. I love the beginning of their love story.

I am a sucker for romance, and I especially enjoyed the one in this book, because of its real, original, Nigerianness. Or should I say core Yorubaness.

Ayanfe would need Dehinde’s help to uncover the truth behind the murder and that is when all hell lets loose. The king would order Ayanfe to put an end to her madness.

Nobody appointed her as an investigator and a judge, and she should mind her own business, but defiance is in Ayanfe’s blood and she wouldn’t budge.

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Continuation of my review

Book Review: Ayanfe by Feyi Aina.

With every investigation they make, a new mystery is born, and it gets weirder and nebulous by the day. And it does not help that the alleged culprit would not agree to co-operate.

He would not prove his innocence or do anything to help the investigation. Ayanfe is sure a stronger force is connected to the murder. A force that is hell-bent on pinning the crime on the alleged culprit, and that is why she would not stop, till she uncovers the truth.

In the midst of it all lies Ayanfe and her lover, Dehinde, doing what is considered an abomination, falling in love with themselves.

A common warrior has no business loving a princess. It is never done. A princess must marry a prince, and a commoner, a fellow commoner. That’s the rule of life; that is how it is always done.

Book Review: Ayanfe by Feyi Aina.

But Ayanfe does not want to get married to the prince of Irefa, her betrothed. She does not believe she has to get married to a fellow royalty just because she is a princess.

She wants to meet a man and fall in love like other women, but life does not work like that. That is not her destiny.

Her destiny is to perform her duty, which is marrying the prince of Irefa, buying the land of Agbo Ode and making her father happy.

She must strengthen the relationship between her people and the people of Irefa, which is why she must marry their prince, whether she loves him or not.

But Ayanfe isn’t one to bend to a predestined life. She must take charge of her life and choose whom she would love.

And when her brother and other people in the palace found out of his incessant movement around the palace with Dehinde, eyebrows would raise, and they would ask questions.

But would that deter the sharp-mouthed and fearless Dehinde, and the strong-willed Ayanfe?


Book Review: Ayanfe by Feyi Aina.

I love choice of words in this book. It maintains a simple diction that is interesting and easy to read. It is set in a fictional village in Yorubaland, the South-Western part of Nigeria.

The author tells this story effortlessly and flawlessly in a way that makes even non-lovers of Historical fiction drawn into the story.

The dialogues are real and perfectly written. And I love the sarcasm and humor incorporated in it, especially by Dehinde.

And the romance? Topnotch. I love romance stories in whatever forms I can get them, and the forbidden love trope happens to be one of my favorite.

Read this book if you are a lover of African literature. Read this book if you are love historical romance books.

Read this book if you are in search of a simple, yet well-written book. I would totally recommend it. And rate it as 4.7/5.

Have you read the book? What do you think about it? Please share your thoughts with me in the comment section.

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Ayanfe by Feyi Aina
Ayanfe by Feyi Aina

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