We can only read the visible expressions smeared on people’s faces. But what about those roiling emotions tucked beneath the masks of smiles and laughter? How do we strip a face bare?

Ezioma Kalu.


Dr. Judd Stevens is a psychoanalyst faced with the most critical case of his life. If he does not penetrate the mind of a murderer he will find himself arrested for murder. Or be murdered himself.

Two people close to Dr. Stevens have already been killed. Is one of his patients responsible? Someone overwhelmed by problems? A neurotic driven by compulsion? A madman? Before the murderer strikes again, Judd must strip away the mask of innocence the criminal wears, uncover his inner emotions, fears, and desires, and expose the naked face beneath. But who could it be?


In case you don’t know, Sidney Sheldon is my absolute favorite writer. I mean if it’s Sheldon’s work, then I’m binge reading. I love everything about how he wrote his stories, from his simplicity to the flawless narrations, to the wonderfully crafted descriptions, to the beautiful and mind blowing plot twists. As expected, Sheldon created magic in this Psychological thriller.

Dr. Judd Stevens is a renowned Psychoanalyst, who leads his life normally, as every other doctor would.
Having lost his family in an accident a few years back, Stevens chooses to drown himself in work and more work, and all efforts by his best friend Dr. Peter Hardley to make him fall in love again and pick up his happy life back, are shoved by the side. Because apparently, Stevens loves living a bland life.

There’s no such thing as normal, each person carries his own normality within him, and no two people are alike.

Sidney Sheldon, The Naked Face.

However, an unexpected event occurs, which flings excitement and thrill into Stevens’ once boring life. Now he’s running from unknown assassins, faced with a web of puzzles he must crack, and is scared any moment would be his last on earth.

One thing is for sure, a homicidal paranoiac is on the loose, and he has only a mission, to kill Dr. Judd Stevens. But he’s sure he has no enemies, so who in the world wants to seize his breath for good?

The Naked face is unputdownable. Your heart is racing, alongside the fast-paced plot. The plot twist is maddening, and the ending, comforting. In all, this is a fascinating book, written in a concise and humorous language.

Civilization was a thin, dangerously fragile veneer, and when that veneer cracked, man became one with the beasts again, falling back into the slime of the primeral abyss he prided himself on having climbed up from.

Sidney Sheldon, The Naked Face.

I love everything about this book. It flows effortlessly like a river, making you keep thirsting for more as you keep drowning yourself in it. I love the plot twist at the end, I never expected the killer, to be the killer. And his accomplice? God! The suspense was maddening. I rate this book as 5/5, and I’m sure you would have so much fun reading it, like I did.

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