Book Review: Where the hell did my money go? by Louis Akwaeze.


Book Review: Where the hell did my money go?

WHERE THE HELL DID MY MONEY GO? is a book I wrote from a place of pain, a pain that has enslaved most people in a circle of perpetual poverty.

The good news is, that you can break free. If you want to. How long have you been bound to the circle of being constantly broke?

The middle class is fast disappearing, the two social classes we have in the world today now are the extreme (filthy) rich and wealthy, and the extremely poor and broke. The defining difference between these two classes is their understanding and implementation of good financial management skills.

This book is a prescription pill to all those suffering from asking the same question that held me bound for years. This book is an antidote to financial laziness and randomness. Do you need that push to get a hang of your money better? This book is the first step towards achieving that.

My Review of Where the hell did my money go? by Louis Akwaeze.

I’ve heard Louis talk about this book on social media frequently, and also read some reviews on it, but I didn’t think it’d be this all encompassing, till I read it.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of business or self-help books, and I thought this would be one of those, till I started reading it. And was I gripped from the first page? Hell yeah.

This book talks about money in general, how it’s to be handled from the generation to its expenditure, and I learned a lot of money lessons from it. My late dad used to keep a record, a track of every penny he earned and spent.

In fact, his journal was my first experience with accounting, because he matched all his income with their corresponding expenditures. Then, I thought it was very tedious and inconvenient, but growing up, I learned it was the perfect thing to do.

Book Review: Where the hell did my money go?

Adulting will make or break you, as it is the hardest stage of life. In fact, Adulting means experiencing the swiftness of life, how fast it comes at you, gripping you at the neck, squeezing you dry, leaving you drained.

This minute, you’re receiving your paycheck and smiling broadly. The next minute, you’re wondering where the hell your money went. It all happens too fast, too quick for you to stop and catch your breath.

If you’ve ever been in this situation, which I’m sure is the case for almost every adult, then this book is all you need. How do you manage your income, so as not to run deficit? Do you know about personal budgeting? How conversant are you with financial discipline?

Book Review: Where the hell did my money go?

One thing I love about this book is how Louis did a great job in breaking every little term down to a layman’s understanding.

This book is practical and gripping. It’s relatable, not some unrealistic and idealistic work. Louis did his research well, you can feel his passion in all the letters of this book.

You’d know he has been there before, and he knows better than anyone how hopeless it feels to look for the money you suffered to garner, and being met by an empty wallet.

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Book Review: Where the hell did my money go?

In this book, you will learn practical money lessons. And it doesn’t end there, you’ll also be exposed to so many applications that would help you track your expenses and manage your money better.

I like that this book teaches you contentment. And it comes handy now that Blaqbonez just released a song, Fake Nikes. In the song, the artiste tackles this trending urge by the youths to look a certain kind of way in order to appear appealing to people who don’t even care about them, hence making them indulge in excessive spending.

The quest to belong to a certain level in the society, has made a lot of people wonder where the hell their money went, after emptying their pockets to fit into the society’s box of “style and class.”

If you always spend above your means, you’ll continue to ask yourself where the hell your money went. Remember, you don’t need to impress anyone to prove a point. Your life is yours, and yours only. And with or without external validation, you’ll still be breathing just fine.

Book Review: Where the hell did my money go?

I’m sure you need a practical and feasible guidance on how to not spend more than you earn, and how to track your finances. Then this book will be your greatest asset yet.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and it’s a book I hope to refer back to from time to time. I’ll rate it as 4. 8/5.

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Where the hell did my money go? by Louis Akwaeze.
Where the hell did my money go? by Louis Akwaeze.

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