Book Review: While She Slept by Kumashe Yaakugh.


Book Review: While She slept by Kumashe Yaakugh.

A young man returns to his childhood city for a work assignment. He is poised to explore the city’s pleasures but he doesn’t know that a hundred-year-old spell agreed upon by his great-great-grandfather and a powerful diviner will soon manifest in him, changing his life forever.

Meanwhile, an evil genius plans a vendetta against his adoptive family when he finds out he was lied to all his life about his mother’s death. He has rendered his stepsister comatose at the hospital by pure evil devising, inducing her with drugs.

The girl’s spirit, divided between life and death, has found a way to free herself from her unnatural state. But her saviour, the only person her spirit can communicate with, only knows little about her to help, since she can’t remember anything other than her name.

Three fates. The past has come to the present. A traumatic child must find his revenge. And a girl tries to save herself from oblivion..and for all three, time is an enemy.

My Review of While She slept by Kumashe Yaakugh.

This book is quite a page turner. Though it started quite slow, I picked up in the second chapter. It’s a book about a young man, Tarfa, who simply lives his ordinary life, but wouldn’t know that the ordinariness of life would soon be cut short, when he turns 25.

He doesn’t know he is special. The men in his family have this spiritual power that enables them communicate with ghosts.

Tarfa loves the good life, he loves flirting with women, but one day, everything would come to an end, when he unknowingly flirts with a ghost in a restaurant.

Book Review: While She slept by Kumashe Yaakugh.

That is the day he stops being an ordinary guy, and starts living an extraordinary life. These ghosts would torment and disturb his life, till he helps them get justice for their deaths.

A girl reading While she slept
While she slept by Kumashe Yaakugh.

This will continue till he meets this particular beautiful ghost, who doesn’t remember her name, or the circumstances surrounding her death, but would need Tarfa’s help in unraveling them.

Book Review: While She slept by Kumashe Yaakugh.

When I read the book, it felt like I was watching Ghost Doctor, a Korean Drama that features ghosts too.

On the other hand, there’s the villain, Doctor Bishop. At first, I didn’t really understand his own part and how he came to live with his foster parents, but reading further into the book, I understood.

Bishop has a junkie for a mother, and though she’s a scientist, she would soon deteriorate, and her son taken away from her to a foster home.

But not until she teaches her son how to mix some chemicals in the lab to produce harmful substances.

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The most interesting part of the book would be when Tarfa would get entangled with the beautiful ghost suffering from amnesia, and how he would try his best to help her.

But this particular case is connected to Doctor Bishop and his family, and it would be a fierce fight.

Book Review: While She slept by Kumashe Yaakugh.

I love the fact that this book is set in Makurdi, Benue State. I’m not sure I’ve really read a book set in Benue and which has Benue characters. And I love the way she incorporates her native names and languages.

I think that’s the beauty of literature, reading about different tribes and ethnic groups and learning different languages as well.

Book Review: While She slept by Kumashe Yaakugh.

I also love the fact that the effect of child abuse is well reflected in the book. No one is born evil, even the greatest villain was born innocent.

In the case of Bishop, he turns out evil after being a victim of sexual abuse at a very tender age of eight. And then he becomes vindictive, and turns into a monster.

Because I am a lover of love, I enjoyed the love story that happens at the end.

The book is a simple, interesting read, and I enjoyed reading it. I’d rate it as 4.3/5.

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While she slept by Kumashe Yaakugh.
While she slept by Kumashe Yaakugh.

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