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Hi, I’m Ezioma Kalu, the Bookish Pixie. And below is my creative portfolio. 

1.) I’m a freelance writer, available for all forms of writing gigs like article writing, blog post writing, essays, YouTube scripts, short stories, and every other form of content writing. 

2. I am a book blogger, and currently accepting ARCs. If you have just written a book and need an honest reviewer who would also help in publicity, then you can send me an author review copy of your book. I’m particularly interested in:

A) Literary fiction 

B) B) Crime fiction

C) Thrillers

D) Psychological thrillers

E) Romance

F) Coming of age

G) Young Adult literature 

H) Short stories collection 

I) Historical fiction. 

I am only accepting physical copies of the ARCs at this time. Of course, you don’t have to pay me for reviewing your book, but if you would need extra publicity on my blog and all my social media platforms, then you would have to pay a fee for it. I look forward to reading and reviewing your amazing books. Please do get in touch. 

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You can send me a message here, or get in touch with me via email or my social media platforms. 

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In case of any enquiry, please message me on my email, or send me a direct message on any of my social media platforms. Thank you.

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Ezioma Kalu