My favorite book of November is All shades of Iberibe by Kasimma.

Her life had been all shades of senselessness, but she had been deliberately blinded by flattery and luxury.

Kasimma, All shades of Iberibe.
All shades of Iberibe.

There is this sense of fulfillment that has engulfed me, now that I’ve finally read this book after one whole year of longing and hoping. This book is everything I hoped it would be and more. Shout out to Kasimma, my sister. You really outdid yourself in the compilation of this masterpiece.

In fact, this is a book everyone should read, and I’m not even mincing words. I have not read a book with my mother for years, but since she set her eyes on it, she has not let it be. We even had to read it at the same time, because no one would leave it for the other.

All shades of Iberibe.

I got a signed copy, yay! 💃💃 This book easily became my favorite read in November because the stories are beautiful, and coated with so much wisdom, culture and language.

I love what Kasimma does with Igbo Language, how she paints her sentences with very thick Igbo words, phrases and proverbs. How she tells the Igbo stories as if to say to all her readers, ‘hear me out everybody. You must learn a thing or two about Igbo, by the end of my stories.’

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. For a book about Iberibe, it’s full of wits and wisdom. It’s rich in culture and language. And I’m not forgetting about its best element, humor. I’ll rate this goodness of a book as a solid 5/5, because it deserves that spot.

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